♫♪  Sinux - “Creamy”

Connection established
Location: United Kingdom
Greasy nob, hairy legs, dark.

Connection established
Location: Pakistan
Partner: m/f?
Me: m

Connection established
Location: Italy
White wires, whirring noise, penis.

Connection established
Location: Australia
“Your partner’s camera is busy or broken”

Connection established
Location: Canada
Man smokes cigarette and listens to Reggae.

Connection established
Location: Iraq
“Your partner has denied access to his camera and microphone ”

Connection established
Location: Canada, Quebec
Everlast boxer shorts

Connection established
Location: Turkey
Old dude listening to radio, gold cross necklace.

You’re now chatting with a random stranger. Say hi!

In his little known History of Sexuality volume 5, Michel Foucault describes our current epoch as “the age of rampantly masturbating to a possibly infinite amount of strangers on the internet,” or as Slavoj Zizek puts it, we have become “a collective of individuals who are ready to share with others the solipsistic egotism of their stupid pleasure.”

Luckily, in their video for new single single “Creamy,” Argentinian duo Sinux have managed to bypass the vast swathes of bare man-flesh that we refer to as “The Internet” and instead serve up a Skype party brimming with some far more wholesome forms of fun. Seriously, I wish my friends were this interesting, we normally spend our Skype chats wearily redialling as the connection crashes and doing boring, blurry tours of our indistinguishable houses. These lot do handstands! And boxing! If even smoke-ring blowing Argentine cool kids are this gymnastic then their World Cup team should be fine on Sunday (my first and last TMT futball reference for you there)!

The song, taken from upcoming album After Hours, is a dream too. Chords shine, synths percolate, the bass rolls on heavy. Solids and edges softened by luxury. The kind of tune that could have been hewn into a Keysound banger, or tempered into a casio-pop anthem, yet resists either. The result is an intimacy sometimes misplaced in the cold hard singularity of certain ego-driven dance productions, lubricating connections rather than reeling through visions of self-love.


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