♫♪  Smoke Bellow - “4 3 2 4 1”

Hey, these guys are all right. I’m feeling right at home with the camcorder aesthetics, like I’m back in high school and we’re doing a video report for Sociology because we can get away with waaay more than if we stood up in front of the class like chumps, reading off our papers. God if felt so good to laugh at those video reports.

Or like when we’d record our band practices, scrutinizing the playback of our alterna-tunes, trying to figure out if anything was too “Weezer” or whatever. I mean, let’s be real — nothing EVER was too Weezer. Not back then.

Smoke Bellow just has the camcorder thing going for them, tracking adjustment needed, but I’ve taken a detour through my memory banks, so latch on to whatever you want to, for whatever it’s worth. I’m feeling a little loose this evening, a little off-the-cuff, hey, and these Casio-tropical psychedelic melodies have my breezes blowin ’cross the palms. The band, all three of em, totally chillaxed in their home atmosphere, intertwine, parts simple, repeat,

repeat, repeat, grow,



And oh my

dear Christ the

acid has

fully kicked


and I feel so small, but I hope the rest of Isolation 3000 on Ehse (out April 27) gets me cooking like “4 3 2 4 1” does.

Directed by Emily Slaughter-Delano

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