♫♪  Smokey Emery - “Treatment/Itch of the Cut”

Here we have a very dark, very raw clip from Los Angeles based Daniel Hipólito’s ongoing Soundtracks for Invisibility series under his Smokey Emery alias. Photo of a Painting is the title of this, the fourth iteration of the cassette based series, which is now available via Austin’s Holodeck Records, and the video we’re hosting here is the clip for “Treatment/Itch of the Cut.” Directed by Devin Royer (a.k.a., Astral Visions), “Treatment” showcases a “film noir aesthetic and claustrophobic feeling” throughout, with an extended fever dream/nightmare vibe that suits Smokey’s noise and tape collage sound. It’s hot up in Seattle, but I’m sure it’s even worse down in Austin, Holodeck’s and Astral Visions’ home base. If you’re a poor soul who doesn’t have AC down there, pop on “Treatment/Itch of the Cut” when it’s 90 degrees at 3a.m. and you’re awake, feeling insane.

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