♫♪  Space Camp - “Dolphin on the Sidewalk”

Does anyone remember Gay Beast, the noise-skronk band on Skin Graft from a while ago? Apparently they went on hiatus in 2011, so it’s convenient that Space Camp have stepped in to fill the void they left in overwhelmingly hectic queer art-punk. And in a nice bonus fit for a period where the soft fabric of discourses that once dulled the visibility of the shuddering hate America relies on are pulled away, Space Camp’s fury is even more pointed and direct that those sonic predecessors.

“Dolphin on the Sidewalk” is maybe almost straightforward punk by Space Camp’s standards, a comically direct keyboard thudding over roiling semi-hardcore, but it’s still deeply disorienting, a plunge into swirls of fucked-gender, presentation-anxiety and raw rage-lust.

Forced Femmed is out July 15 on Howling Frequency.

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