♫♪  Sparkling Wide Pressure - “A Structure Collapsing in on Itself”

What threw me off at the get-go is I’ve been listening to so much of this anti-beat beat scene music that I initially thought this was going to be along those lines. And the track title, “A Structure Collapsing in on Itself” gives a sort of sampled and reused idea of an intentionally faulty foundation. Yet, seeing how Sparkling Wide Pressure has been using loop magic and ambiance manipulation for centuries (really, just years) now, I figured there was a sort of head nod into me free-styling at my desk while a tiny A/V-HS manipulated video plays out in my Jolly Rancher-gazed eyes.

But “A Structure Collapsing in on Itself” by Sparkling Wide Pressure turns into something way more beautiful and psychedelic than diminishing rhythms, and surprisingly attunes every chakara within your being, and upon the ninth listen — I heard from an extremely reliable source (i.e., no I didn’t) — you’ll being to float away from the mundane of your day and drift into a bliss that only Tranquility Tapes knows, fronts, and supports on a collectively healing level. Sparkling Wide Pressure’s newest cassette Dream of Windows will be released early July on Tranquility Tapes. Become beyond with Moduli TV’s video of “A Structure Collapsing in on Itself” below:

• Sparkling Wide Pressure: http://sparklingwidepressure.bandcamp.com
• Tranquility Tapes: http://tranquilitytapes.blogspot.com

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