♫♪  ssaliva - keys2diversion

PTP will always have a new drop with their CELL series burning holes in spears, headphones, and ears across the globe. And this month we get a true blessing from the multifaceted producer, ssaliva. As always, one side of CELL, Issue 03 will continue the on-going narrative (as ALWAYS: by-way of audio collage) on topics of race, surveillance, and health — forever including a Smoothie Recipe by PTP CEO and CELL chief editor, Geng — and on the flip-side, ssaliva’s cleverly entitled, 15-minutes of sonic-slay, keys2diversion.

Upon unlocking ssaliva’s keys2diversion, one is greeted with the serenity of natural drizzling rain, accompanied by a distant, dirgey bass fuzz, calmed by pensively peaceful synthetics, keyed at a tempo that’s perfect for the storm ahead, and appeasement of complete sound violence. The adventure continues with action-shot after action-shot, withdrawing blades, reloading clips, armoring the fort, and defending an honor so prideful that the duality between harsh and gentle vibes clamor in complete harmony. Hesitations are abound within the journey ssaliva brings upon listeners in keys2diversion, but don’t let me spoil it with words, as the production is far beyond what one can write/say. Believe it below, and head to PTP for CELL, Issue 03 out September 15 on that reel-game, homie. Fresh:

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