♫♪  Sungod - Wave Refraction

It’s far too often you hear “psych” or “psychedelic” thrown around, often by me, in reference to any music that doesn’t sound like Coldplay or Imagine Dragons. While there are some bands I don’t know of who will @ me all day on Twitter, telling me I don’t know what real psychedelic music is, man, Austin, TX group Sungod sure sound like the real deal to me. Yes, you can throw down some tasty guitar licks and slippery synth zones, but the kicker with Sungod’s output is the use of the almighty, whimsical flute tones scattered throughout. The flute is what sets the minstrel, ultra trippy vibe before the harder rock elements blast off. Nowhere is that more apparent than on the band’s latest, Wave Refraction, dropping tomorrow, August 24, via Holodeck.

Their latest full-length, following 2014’s equally ripping self-titled LP, Wave Refraction brings together the band’s newest mini sonic desert space odysseys sprawled across six tracks. The nine minute title track is where it’s at, for my money: looping keys beneath duetting guitar and flute, with ample room to breath and for you to get deep in the zone. Boom!

Wave Refraction is out tomorrow, but you can order here to make sure you snag either the vinyl or cassette editions. Do yourself a favor and stream this monster tonight, and get cookin’ with Sungod’s deep, hazy opus.

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