Sven K

Kudatah dropped Vol. 2. It’s got a slew of artists: Garrett David, Jock Club, SIDDIQ & Vektroid, Blank Body, Deejay Earl, HKE, Pixelord, Trends, C Plus Plus, F1LTHY, Alfred English, Foans, Somnus, Mod-Comm 81, Tim Schumacher & Syncronize, Sangam, NMESH, Seth Graham, KAGAMI smile, Julien, and Tr_One. The package sounds like a combo of videogame-time action shooter, dark drug den dungeon [darkness], slippery warehouses, and slow dancing/not slowdancing. Thus far, only Siddiq x Vektroid and Blank Body have released tracks.

Sven K drops along the more caustic side of the Vol. 2 compilation. Featuring the Rush Hour 3 soundtrack debut (but cut at last-minute) track “Halispolec,” Sven K conjures up an acidic evil that roars in harmony with a five-key melody atop it that sounds like the twinkling of only a knife’s edge in the mere-distance, and the serrated glaring at points, back and fourth in a beam of light protruding from cracks on the tin roof. You hallucinate a laugh and the thought, “Am I laughing?” It’s all a game in the “Halispolec.”

Find Vol. 2 on Kudatah NOW for pre-order (out March 31), and have a “Halispolec” time with Svek K below:

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