Who’s ready for take off? ‘Cause “JULIAN NYERES AIRPORT, TARZANA” is just around the corner, and here to guide your journey are musical masterminds Jan Anderzen (Kemialliset Ystävät, Tomutontuu, ) and Spencer Clark (The Skaters, Monopoly Child, Fourth World Magazine). As the tour preview video has already given us the FACTs on “PRIVATE SCARAB CLUB RESERVE” and “AEROFOILS IN HEAT,” it’s all gotta begin somewhere, and “JULIAN NYERES AIRPORT, TARZANA” is just the appetizer. The encrapment, if you will. Yet, as the first track off Alien Wildlife Estate by TARZANA (duo Anderzen and Clark), “JULIAN NYERES AIRPORT, TARZANA” soars in the same way Fourth World Magazine Vol. 2’s Pinhead In Fantasia (still available on LP via Underwater Peoples; TMT Review) does with boggling percussion and fervorous melody poised with composed measure and collaged fathoms of Jan Anderzen’s mind creases. There are audible traps and perilous leaps, toxic frogs to lick and plenty of plants to shew on and sedate. Birds are beaking out from philodendron. Champagne waterfalls. Just get past “JULIAN NYERES AIRPORT, TARZANA.” Find Alien Wildlife Estate by TARZANA beyond the Pacificity Soundvisions at Underwater Peoples on LP today and enjoy the trip!

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