♫♪  Tay Sean - “FML”

Zeroth world problems: getting so loaded that you override the drunk-dial firewall on your shoulder’s communicator chip, so even after you pass out, you’re still spewing slurred lamentations to your exes about why it never would’ve worked, or how it could’ve maybe if only, and why you never psy-texted back, and when you-know who did what with you-know-who. But let’s just keep that between me and you. At least when you wake up tomorrow, you won’t have to wonder where your phone went.

Premiering below, Tay Sean’s “FML” is a post-human hangover anthem, a single for singles after the singularity. If you’re worried that the marriage of man and machine will bring an end to the days of the 2 AM booty call, fear not, for if there’s anything androids crave, it’s bad decisions of the sweaty, Schnapps-scented variety.

A mainstay of Seattle’s Afrofuturist hip-hop scene (the same that gave us THEESatisfaction and Nacho Picasso), Tay Sean is set to release his solo album titled Leavings through Homeskillet Records on September 20. By solo, we mean he rapped, sang, played synth, produced every track, and even designed digital collages for the project. Just about the only thing he didn’t do all by himself was craft the limited-edition mala prayer bead necklace available to 12 gem-happy fans. (No, we’re not making this up.)

Pre-orders are available now. Stream “FML” here:

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