♫♪  Telepathy News - “Chain-Link Fence Around the Sun”

Did they ever call him “Nervy Nerviano” when he was a little kid? OK, that was almost too easy, but I just had to ask after hearing Syracuse musician Andrew Nerviano’s latest project: a lap steel-based, nervous wreck of a tune under the new guise of Telepathy News. The jittery jungle drums, elastic bass, and shredding gyroscopic guitar melodies help sculpt what is (at least that I know of) the second project of Nerviano’s to hit headphones in 2013, the first being an incredible tape release as The Inverted Orange for Prison Art, and all of it on the heels of a stint with the sadly defunct Sarongs. Per his usual MO, things here spin and spiral themselves out of control with an alarming efficiency. But it’s really the vocal melody that hooks it, carrying the track into a black hole of riffs that go ahead and blast it all to hell.

Although this one is sort of flapping out in the breeze of SoundCloud town all by its lonesome, rumors are being encouraged by Nerviano and associates as to the possibility of a release containing this and other brain-benders to come on Velidoxi Records in the near future. So next time you have the ladies over for bridge, you know exactly what to gossip about.

• Telepathy News: https://soundcloud.com/telepathynews

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