♫♪  Teleseen - “Jaguar”

Experience the hunt of Teleseen’s new single “Jaguar.” Jet black and dubbed-out. It’s Latin fire. It’s Afro woven. It’s housed in a club format that boarders tribal-techno and cool-mo. That classic bass that just smacks. Bongos like a melodious rhythm. The following of animal instincts just tapping them toes to dance. Nothing like a little bit of lit magic. Shellacked dance floor wood charred to a grey. Hairy situations. Nothing like the old, old. With a little bit a new-new. Maybe toss it on a mix for a good five minutes of pure jam. A sweat that sheds pheromones, no matter the gender, take a gander. It’s all in the way you move, b.

Pre-Order the new Teleseen album The Emotional Life of Savages via 180gram LP and digital formats via Goldmin Music, ships and downloads in full on May 4, and features the ferocity of “Jaguar,” streaming below:

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