♫♪  Tendencies - “Candy Colored Tangerine”

This is me not fucking with you: if Michael Jackson were still alive, he’d hire Tendencies to do all future instrumentals from tracks, thus having to BUY Tendencies contract from Orange Milk Recordings (which they’re all unsigned, so Cream Juice LLC would have to muster up a sign-on document with their [faux] lawyer], and then the pop legend will have ubber’d up the tape label and fast-feet moving, Tendencies. “Candy Colored Tangerine” is the first taste listeners’ ears get of the new Tendencies tape Waterbed — which Keith and Seth gave me last Saturday as wedding presents — so my wife and I have has condomless sex to the reel about a dozen times now. It’s probably because “Candy Colored Tangerine” gets me moving in a way that feels like that zest just hit me in the morning, and it’s the best thing in the world to get ready for the day; CUT TO: morning diddles. Emitting from the other room, like a distant radio left on in the fog, Waterbed, continuing to play from the guitar-stuttered, hype-beat, non-stop shoe burner, “Candy Colored Tangerine.” Feel it below and find Waterbed on Orange Milk Records on sale TOMORROW! And always remember: “internet other Dayton.”

• Tendencies: https://soundcloud.com/tendencies
• Orange Milk Records: https://orangemilkrecords.bandcamp.com

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