♫♪  Thalassa - Bonds of Prosperity

Photo: Faith Coloccia

“… after so many millions of nights without sleep, without purpose, without self-deception.”

The sea still has the benefit of being beyond cliche. Anyone who has faced the ocean has felt its timeless duration; anyone who has waded out into the water has stopped just as it drops off into forever. The earth gives way, and the dimensions are, frankly, humbling. After thousands of years, is it any wonder that we would still continue to draw our imagination from its depths?

In Bonds of Prosperity (available May 19), the newest and, for me personally, long-awaited, recording from Aaron Turner and William Fowler Collins, takes its name (Thalassa) from the sea and its mythological shape. Unsurprisingly, what I’ve loved most about both artists in the past — the earthy and subterranean, and yes, even submarine, quality of their respective projects — finds a curious and frightening shape, for lack of a better word, in the compositions below. It’s as if intensity has taken its place in the unfathomable drift of things.

Listen below:

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