♫♪  The Velveteens - “Sun’s Up”

Purveyors of Minn-condition cassettes, MJ MJ Records (a.k.a. Micheal Jordan Micheal Jordan Records, a.k.a. 2MJ Records, a.k.a. 46 Records, a.k.a. Y2Jericho Deluxxxe — I made some of those up), have announced Sun’s Up, “Sun’s Up,” and that the sun is up. It’s a good day, ya’ll. Kinda funny this is coming out in December from a band and label based in frigid Minneapolis. Fuck it. Good vibes are seasonless. This title track has me thinking of all that eaaarly Best Coast stuff, and I used to jam that on campus in -20 wind chill, during the dead of that Midwest winter, so yeah, fuck it. I’m likin’ how clean this is. Not buried in piles of reverb. I don’t even think there’s a crashed cymbal in the whole song. It just bounces along on that hop-scotch bassline, like rabbits in the snow.

It ain’t that cold out, chin up:

Sun’s Up is available for pre-orders in cassette format from MJ MJ Records and in vinyl and digital format from The Old Blackberry Way. ALSO, FREE DOWNLOADABLE TRACK RITE MEOW!

• The Velveteens: https://the-velveteens.bandcamp.com
• MJ MJ Records: https://mjmjrecords.bandcamp.com
• The Old Blackberry Way: http://theoldblackberryway.tumblr.com

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