♫♪  theAngelcy - “I Worry”

Haven’t heard something this good in years. Maybe since Amen Dunes’ . Or maybe I heard something like this in a commercial or television show and forgot, but really made “the moment.” Shit, possibly won’t ever listen to theAngelcy’s “I Worry”again. I thought of this, so I invested in some memory.

Me and me wifey parked it this weekend at a park because the Spring actually felt like Spring. We both had a rough week. She broke her fucking foot. I broke up a few fights. I stole my bike back. So this little session we had with our dog.

Now, I’ll never forget theAngelcy’s “I Worry.” It’ll always be associated to a moment. One wonderful moment. A way of taking a load off together. All of us. In the breeze of plucked guitar melodies. In the light drumming of paced-out afternoon. In the breadth of theAngelcy’s vocals that fill one with peace. Be grateful for everything!

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