♫♪  Tidal Channel - “Spiritual”

At the stroke of an effects laden set of strings string that are strung into a pummeling beat on drums, “Spiritual” comes in with starkly brief vocals that continue to let Tidal Channel to jam out until the follow up lyrics are sung. Carefully, the track is built upon and within itself, weaving various parts of the instrumental and vocals in a circumstances, taking the stage and forefronts of the Tidal Channel sound, but equally keeping a distance. The non-stop drumming, relentlessly pacing such a calm, dark track. Fluctuating guitar sonars echoing with a reverb across faded landscape. Singing that harmonizes with completely wringing out a towel of all it’s absorbed alcohol. A dried liver. That pimple bursting on a liver. Shrugging it off.

But there’s MORE! Alice Cohen directed a movie that features atmospheric identities similar to the sounds of “Spiritual,” practically swan-diving into the minds of Tidal Channel. Check it out below, and don’t forget to CASH them all live at Silent Barn tonight!

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