♫♪  Timelash - “Orogenesis”

This latest audio sample from the minds of Grant Corum and Embassador Dulgoon, performing as Timelash, is a journey into a bold, brave new world. Corum’s body of work conjures images of trippy landscapes, both real and imagined, and simultaneously in the far off past and in the distant future. As Timelash, Corum and Dulgoon showcase their shared sonic sensibilities on “Orogenesis,” the first taste of an upcoming album.

I caught these two on a joint tour about a year back, and the audio/visual stimuli was very potent, with homemade video complementing the mind altering, imaginative sounds. If you find yourself immersed in the vibe of “Orogenesis” and happen to live in or be traveling to Antwerp in April, Timelash will be appearing at Appearance of Universe B on 4.13 alongside Spencer Clark (performing as Cyberfather). For now, though, turn the speakers up, the lights down low, burn a little incense and pop a couple of Lion’s Mane mushroom capsules. Timelash is here to take you on a journey from which you may never return.

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