♫♪  Tlaotlon - “Novodene”

1080p Collection has once again advanced time, sound, and space with their newest single by Tlaotlon, “Novodene.” Here I am, sitting on my couch, typing this on my television, being super post-modern simple with my gal, and in the other tab, “Novodene” is flaring off, and all that comes out of our mouth repetitively is “What is THAT noise?” Then I started explaining the physics of Richard MacFarlane (1080p label-head). Specifically, how he created this sonic technology to jump between realities and some how obtain recordings of music to eventually bring back and dub onto tape. Now, Savannah TOTALLY believed this, and there-after, all the sounds of Tlaotlon made sense.

One of my favorite types of music is anything psychedelic based, and Tlaotlon is most DEF deploys a heavy amount of camouflaged psychedelia. But there’s another thing I like to say when there’s a discussion being presented as someone asks, “What kinda music do you listen to?” Typically, my answer involves listening to stuff that satires club and modern radio play songs. And being a NY resident, it’s good to have 1080p on my back, because when people are like, “Satire? What do you mean?” Next time I’ll play ‘em “Novodene” and tell em it’s merely EDM/electronica, only the kind that fucks with your mind and actually makes you think things. Thanks for the swag moments, Tlaotlon!

Tlaotlon releases Ektomists on 1080p Collection July 29, but streaming below is just a taste, and the sound-drug of choice is “Novodene.”

• Tlaotlon: https://soundcloud.com/tlaotlon
• 1080p Collection: http://1080pcollection.net

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