♫♪  Total Heat - “I Saw a Light”

Photo by Jasper McMahon

My Sunday night bedtime viewing consisted of Netflix’ Wild Wild Country and an unsuspecting first glance at the new video from Ross Wallace Chait, a.k.a. Total Heat. Coincidence? I don’t think so. In it, Chait can be seen traversing the Southern California landscape like a street preacher taken out of his element. “I saw a light,” he proclaims, and a crowd of beguiled yogis follow. The message? “We’ll be alright.” Which is what we all want to hear right now. As a cult leader, Chait exudes trust, but isn’t that how they get you? Yes, but only if getting you is what they’re after: looks like Chait is more interested in his own journey. At the end of the video, he reveals what his roving has led him to: a discovery of his true calling, “the best feeling he’s ever had,” and the thing that makes him feel the most present. Whatever that might be.

“I Saw a Light,” along with b-side “Bought & Sold,” is available now on 7-inch via Wallflower records. The trance-inducing jam is the debut release from Total Heat, which sees Chait (whose more straight-up noise incarnation we wrote about last year, and who used to drum for Girlpool, Winter, and WALTER) abandoning his real name as artistic moniker and employing the services of a full backing band. He is also eager to explore “the experimental sound structures and broke-down song ideas of past solo efforts, while also breaking into new territory of jazz and rock and roll music.” The video for “I Saw a Light” was directed by Jon Weisburst, and we are happy to present it below:

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