♫♪  Trabants feat. Samira Winter - “Just Stay”

Samira Winter (Photo: Benjamin Askinas)

Samira Winter (of the band Winter) is originally from Brazil and now lives in Los Angeles, two places with a very *warm* idea of what winter (the season, winter) means. Which means that maybe the video for “Just Stay,” Samira’s team-up with Trabants — all delightful vintage footage of families on vacation (swimming, yachting, beaching, soaking up the sun) — is winter-appropriate after all. Although now that climate change is radically changing what seasons even mean, maybe in a few years we’ll think of winter as the perfect time for a trip to the shore. Who knows.

For now, though, we can take in the absolutely dreamy “Just Stay,” the new single from Winter & Trabants, which we have the pleasure of premiering for you below.

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