♫♪  Tropical Trash - “Fat Kid’s Wig”

UFO Rot! I can’t think of a better title for an album like this, Tropical Trash’s debut for Load Records (out on Riot Season in the UK/EU). Direct exposure to light shining from a UFO is sometimes said to cause third-degree burns, peeling skin, etc. Here, though, what comes to mind is something like athlete’s foot, like low-level, constant exposure to a UFO out in the garage.

Tropical Trash’s music video for “Fat Kid’s Wig” is a smelted Halloween of corny, forgotten nightmare imagery bled over archival (archetypal?) band footage (the TT gang rockin’, I mean), courtesy of none other than the artist behind your favorite album’s cover, Robert Beatty. It looks like what tripping on acid feels like in the dreams of someone who has never touched the stuff.

The song is typical of UFO Rot, in that it is relentless, nervously funny, and full of that potent Louisville spore. What do I mean by that? Find out next time.

UFO Rot is out June 23 on Load/Riot Season. Check their tour dates here.

• Tropical Trash: https://tropicaltrash.bandcamp.com
• Load: http://loadrecords.com
• Riot Season: http://www.riotseason.com

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