♫♪  True Deceiver - Drifts & Floats

Ever the busybody, Portland producer and label boss Tom Filepp has again hunkered down in his bedroom studio. Nope, he hasn’t made another folktronic dynamo for his Cars & Trains project, or brought his Fake Four-affiliate, Circle Into Square, out of its semi-recent hiatus. This time, Filepp is hitting us up with the proper full-length debut of his sludge-pop project, True Deceiver. Particles is due out November 4th via Black Box Tapes, but you can sample the heaviness of “Drifts & Floats” today.

Filepp had this to say: “Most everything I did at home, but I decided to go big and recorded all the guitar and bass at Type Foundary here in Portland, with my friend Jeremy Romagna. It was particularly amazing for the bass: it’s not often that I get to turn up my bass tuned to A-standard so loud, in a big room. I played through a Fender Bassman silverface head and a Hartke 4x10 cab, through one of those Earthquaker Hoof and Reaper fuzz pedals. It sounded like the end of the world.”

You can certainly hear the end of the world in “Drifts & Floats.” The guttural guitar work and densely processed vocals are dank and dirty, set over industrial drum sounds with spooky effects and distortion filling in the apocalyptic atmosphere. Along with the eccentric strings of William Ryan Fritch, this bodes well for Particles being an intriguing debut.

Dig the premiere of “Drifts & Floats” below.

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