♫♪  United Waters - “Out Of Flight”

Fucking-A RIGHT new United Waters LP poppin’ off, and as part of Bathetic Records’ new summer batch coming out next month, the tunes make it just in time for melt listening. Backed by Chris Shields and Patrick Cole, legendary Mouthus man, Brian Sullivan forages through eight of the deepest cuts ever set to vinyl. Maybe. But if “Out Of Flight” is any proof of their continued struggle and effort to sound as lackadaisical as possible, then you’ve come to the right lounge. I wrote it, yeah, and I will again: United Waters is straight up lounge rock. So much so that I can imagine this is their inspiration for their music.

Thinking ahead, here: I’m outside, drinking G&Ts, got that young Sunburner spinning inside on my new U-Turn Audio, speakers have been brought OUTSIDE, it’s (of course) a Wednesday ‘cause I said “FUCK WORK” that morning, my dog is catchin’ all SORTS of rays and bees, the kids downstairs are trying to dance with “Out Of Flight” but are having trouble because they’re one- and two-years-old, and the LP stops (as “Out Of Flight” is the last track), so I hear childish groaning from my second floor apartment steps. Maud goes down and licks the kids and they laughing, as I RE:flip Sunburner, and now the kids are dancing with the dog on the steps which is dangerous, but United Waters will save em all!

Scope the single below while you wait on your pre-order of Sunburner by United Waters arrives:

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