♫♪  Unlikely Friends - “Golden Telephone”

Y’all. When is the LAST time you tried making a physic.”l mixtape from radio-play, LPs, CDs, and/or other cassettes? I picked up a wire from Radioshack on Thursday after having three drills up in my gums/skull for about an hour (totally fine; Percocet, u kno) and started going HARD on my collection: beat tape, gangster rap, faux Blade Runner OST, fuzz-delia, etc. Been tryna think what to end my pop-rock reeler, and Mirror Universe Tapes just helped me locate the sucker by way of Unlikely Friends’ “Golden Telephone.” Shit, and it’s exactly the most spontaneous phone-a-friend that’s ever happened to me.

“Golden Telephone” is such an adventurous track to finish off this mix. Lyrically, it takes you throughout the world of travel and fantastic mystery. Does this Unlikely Friends expect this “Golden Telephone” is a teleporter/portal, or just some magical communication device? Either way, it’ll make you “go crazy,” begging to hear more of what these Unlikely Friends had to offer in their newest album on CD from Jigsaw Records or on cassette via Mirror Universe Tapes for pre-order (shipping this week, though…)

Enjoy “Golden Telephone” by you’re newest and most Unlikely Friends, streaming below:


• Unlikely Friends: http://unlikelyfriends.bandcamp.com
• Mirror Universe Tapes: http://www.mirroruniversetapes.com
• Jigsaw Records: http://jigsaw-records.com

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