♫♪  U.S. Hard - “ALOE [Bonus Track]”

Hi-hats like tommy guns. And then all hell broke loose. Cameras snapping the crime scene. “ALOE” was irate over some contract, squealing the tires on its ‘36 Auburn Speedster as it rounded the corner, raining bullets down the avenue. Voices cackling from the back window in syncopated rhythms. “I’ll show you bonus track!” Witnesses say they heard it coming. The exhaust spitting out like an approaching low-end hum, boiling puddles of blood spilled out across the pavement as the car screamed by.

The chalk outline of last month’s U.S. HARD EP is still holding it’s shape through a wet September. Reports say it was a four-track job, released in three, and “ALOE” wanted its promised share of the profits, but who knows with these things? The crime beat begins and ends on the HARD concrete of these U.S. streets and it’s probably best we don’t get involved.

• U.S. Hard: https://soundcloud.com/us_hard
• Blankstairs: http://blnkstrs.com

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