♫♪  Various Artists: Chico Dub - Hy Brazil Vol 5: New Experimental Music From Brazil 2014

As a seriously dedicated dude to Brazilian musicians, producers, groups, and artists, Chico Dub is my newest jam! Since last year, Chico been poppin’ this Hy Brazil series, which volumes collections of musicians from across the great country in promotion of electronic and experimental sounds being produced throughout their geography. In turn, these volumes conceptually help with local promoters, festivals, producers, collectives, parties, labels and venues that have been struggling in recent years to change the cultural production with these two scenes by continuing to present new ideas, formats and smart programs. Which, their second volume snagged one of the 20 Bandcamp BEST OF spots. There’s also going to be another experimental release, making it volume 6, sometime this year.

However, Hy Brazil Vol 5: New Experimental Music From Brazil 2014 goes through zones and emotional levels that only masters can achieve. The quality of editing and precision of (mostly) new and/or random sounds seems so expertly crafted that there was NO way these could be improvisation. Or could they? Whether live to recording, or hours upon hours of editing and depth, Hy Brazil Vol 5: New Experimental Music From Brazil 2014 soars in range and skill beyond what is right and what is song. The fifth volume of Hy Brazil lays in experiment below via Chico Dub, and click on your favorites, as their links are below too:

• Chico Dub: http://chicodub.bandcamp.com
• Ricardo Donoso: http://www.ricardodonoso.com
• Ceticências: http://ceticencias.bandcamp.com
• Elma: http://elma.bandcamp.com
• Maurício Takara & Kassim: https://soundcloud.com/mtakara
• Auto: http://www.noropolis.net/auto
• N0x30: http://n0x3o.bandcamp.com
• Rampazzo: https://soundcloud.com/rampazzo
• VHS Logos: https://soundcloud.com/vhslogos
• Albatroz: http://albatroz.bandcamp.com
• Notyesus + Henrique Iwao: https://soundcloud.com/notyesus
• Fantasmafoto: https://soundcloud.com/fantasmafoto
• Fluid Druid: http://thiagomiazzo.bandcamp.com
• Abdala: http://abdalagalatic.bandcamp.com
• Projeto Mujique: https://soundcloud.com/projeto-mujique

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