♫♪  Various Artists: Noumenal Loom - Compilation 2

Going into Wednesday is the worst thing one can experience, to say the least. Okay, mayyyyyybe not, but like: ALL WEEK? Still the week ahead. Every last e-mail awaiting your reply. There’s no back to this elevator, tho. People aren’t walking up these stairs. How does this even happen? You’re going nowhere right? WRONG!! Tuesday night as a new answer, and it’s the new Compilation 2 release on Noumenal Loom.

Featuring the likes of EATQS, Wishdasher, Giant Claw, David Kanaga, Document Swell, Metome, So So in Luv, Alfie Casanova, Onika, Priscilla Sharp, ȡoƞƞie Fɾedeɾicʞs, Body-san, Baptiste & Pierre Colleu, ȡoƞƞie Fɾedeɾicʞs, Crapface, Ultramiedo, $ega & The Rainbow Streets, Galen Tipton, Strategy, David Kanaga, and Nico Niquo, one could pass out just thinking of all these musicians at once, let alone saying ‘em all aloud. And that’s a fucking wig! Who you even fooling with that, why? Whatever. With production levels of Noumenal Loom’s back-catalogue (including two of my favorites — not featured on Compilation 2, but respect the label for fucking with both — Digital Natives and Tuluum Shimmering), this C65, or just about, reels an array of colors in your ears that Tuesday night looking good. Like the morning commute will be one hell of a party. Who the fuck is up [Editor’s Note: it’s 9:08PM and I just answered all three e-mails of mine; ready for bed!]? Modern composition below:

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