♫♪  Various Artists: Patient Sounds - STILL, Waiting

tracklist, courtesy of M. Sage

In the ever accelerating pop culture landscape, going out on your terms is a luxury afforded to a small few. In most cases, be it with music, films, literature, or sports, it’s all too easy to overstay your welcome and see your audience dwindle with each new release, or to stay on as quarterback one more year only to find you have a noodle arm and your body is breaking down. But hey, when you’ve got something that resonates with an audience outside of your family or cat, it’s natural to want to milk your success as long as possible. Chicago-based Patient Sounds, who earlier this summer announced that 2019 would be its final year after a decade in the game, are going out with, as label head M. Sage puts it, “ethos intact, while the label is at what I think may be it’s strongest version of itself.” They’ve already put out a few new tapes, with a handful more in the works for the end of the year. This week, M. Sage will be hosting a farewell show at the Hideout in Chicago, featuring himself (“and friends”), Lake Mary, and Lee Noble, as well as screenings from Sammi Skolmoski, Willy Smart, and Anna Wolfe-Pauly.

In addition to all those bittersweet goodbyes at the Hideout, PS has a mix CD now available to order. It features a wide array of friends old and new, who’ve contributed to the label’s adventurous vibe over the past ten years. Peep the extensive tracklist above, pour one out for the homies at Patient Sounds, and zone with them one last time.

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