♫♪  A Victim of Society - “Amnesia”

Visually, “Amnesia” is like a lean reboot of “You Got Lucky.”

Remember when Tom Petty did a little gun spinning after he pushed that Astro Invader to the ground? None of that in “Amnesia.” No reel to reels, tape decks, television sets or slot machines; no crocodile waiting for a bite.

Face to face and back to back to the future, Vagelis Makris, Fotis Ntouskas and Pantelis Karasevdas (A Victim of Society) are doing time travel in a much older playground.

Welcome to the Ξενοδοχείο Μπάγκειον, the paint peeling off Ernst Ziller’s walls.

A little incidental synth to establish the scene, a little AI “Black Betty” to seat the beat, and the trio is locked in. But what’s under that tarp? Wait for it, wait for it…

My friend and I are waiting for the solo at the end of the song. Like we do with “We Are 138” or “Devils Ball” or, uh, “You Got Lucky” or any tight-knit jam. It’s the part we always wait for.

When it finally hits, I talk over it. “I always wait for that part,” I say.

“Dammit, I couldn’t hear it over your big mouth,” my friend says. “Start it over.”

I start it over, skipping the synth intro this time.

The solo hits and, again, I talk over it. My friend tells me to cut it out.

That’s the thing about these lean ones. You take a bar of soap and scrub it down until it’s clean. From twelve bars

To eight

Down to four; two

One-and-done and back under the tarp

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