♫♪   Western Skies Motel - “Whirl”

Settling has gotten a bad rap lately. It has come to denote a kind of dispassion or regret. People settle on a dress or college to attend or color to paint their living room. They settle for less. Well, Western Skies Motel is taking it back.

With Settlers, due out April 22, 2016 on Lost Tribe Sound, René Gonzàlez Schelbeck created a sound for sore ears, for the older than old school, for the people who settled the across the great plains to the rocky, unforgiving wilderness and dramatic shoreline of the West, those who settled for more than they ever knew. The Danish musician’s experimental folk instrumentals blend cyclical guitar and droning harmonium into hypnotic reimaginings of Americana style graced by the life experience of a post-rock fan who cut his teeth in punk bands and the wide-eyed awe of an adventurous spirit who landed on the new continent centuries ago to carve a new life out of the unknown.

You can pre-order Settlers on CD or LP here. But, before then, check out the premiere of the video for “Whirl,” which sets the droning, fingerpicking instrumental to lightly manipulated vintage footage of trains and semi-arid landscapes that completes the sense of longing nostalgia heard in the tune.

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