♫♪  West/Step - “Hackurwayhome”

“Look at the ground!”

“No, look at the sky, pig!”

“Look both ways before crossing the street.”

When it comes to hacking, it’s best to look forward. But what’s Pittsburgh darkwave-shoegazer-cella-dwella West/Step hacking at? “Hackurwayhome,” off deubt solo LP This Is Terrifying, starts off sounding like it could be computers, then maybe zombies, and finally a path through the jungle.

It’s not quite electronic, or horror, or ambient, but it does sound like he might take a machete to all three given the chance.

Nathaniel “West/Step” Whitman calls the project, “a group of songs that deal directly with facing fear and insecurity. A reflection on years of personal struggle.” So that clearing at the end could be what he’s talking about when he says, “Songs and words of hope and light shine through layers of somewhat dark melodies.”

This Is Terrifying is out August 2. Are we there yet?

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