♫♪  Wet Leather - “Feel”

I like to find the best of things in things, while also keeping myself straight up with people who ACTUALLY read my writing here on Chocolate Grinder (can’t even shot out to my family or fiancée here), as well as being a true pal to people who give me the same in return: I’m really in love with Wet Leather’s attitude in their new video for “Feel.” Like, to be real, I get why people still make music like this, but beyond that, the lyrics here are really fabulous. It’s weirdly positive in a questionable way, literally. Like, highlighting the importance of chance and change. And nostalgic in a way that appeals to the time when radio played this sort of alternative rock, so the complimentary feel is actually super linear, here. Also, watch this little visual delight carefully. If you though magic was all smoke and mirrors, the illusion is within the cameraman.

Scope the new video for “Feel” below, and get Merc’d with Wet Leather this Saturday.

• Wet Leather: https://soundcloud.com/wet-leather

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