♫♪  White Poppy - The Pink Haze Of Love

Once again, the goddess of calm-song, White Poppy slides into our collective ears’ inbox via Chocolate Grinder premiere of her newest (concept) album, The Pink Haze Of Love. Continuing to saturate listeners with warm and glow, each track brings more of a mesmerizing appeal that aura’s The Pink Haze Of Love’s entirety as comforting romance bubbles and floats in audio bliss. Acoustic meanderings, ambient wanderings, hooks to gaze for days, folk-see-but-no-touchy, etc. Absolute shower singing music that can only be mimicked within that common chamber of alive surrounding walls and enclosures bouncing waves of smiles and love between each droplet of water. But mostly: complete hang-time. And if “CASSETTES [are really] AVAILABLE AUGUST 2017,” then it’s a good thing I moved our tape-deck closer to the bathroom. The wife will love my wake-up calls. So move with the conceptual romance, baby. Dig into the passion potion for all intents and purposes of The Pink Haze Of Love, below:

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