♫♪  White Poppy - “Wish and Wonder” / “Tree Forts”

YES!!!!!!!! “Wish and Wonder” is the first track off the new White Poppy (Crystal Dorval) release, I Had a Dream, on Not Not Fun. This track convinced me her album will crush for quite some time. And I love the kill-drawl, flaccid happiness of its sputter-stutter-style video: collective seizures, ace popping, tint on high, back-alley mirror-splits, cleavage, people salad, etc. If this video could read my mind (which it can), it’d give me exactly what I’d want to see (which it did). Weak criticism? Nah. Strong telepathic zones? YES.

“Wish and Wonder”:

Okay, okay. “Tree Forts,” okay. I mean, that’s how I felt when it started out, but WHOA: color-slapping at its YES!!!!!!!! («x2) Swing with that sway melody. Feel the Canadian pulse, mm! Absorb yourself in color. When I was younger, I had a forest next door to my house. My brother and I used to build platforms around branches and use rope ladders and swings to de-/ascend. The first time I saw a fox was during the bloom of spring, and I was alone on a plank swing. This song and video brings that to me at the point of nostalgia and memory, rather than recalling exact details.

“Tree Forts”:

• White Poppy: http://crystaldorval.com
• Not Not Fun: http://notnotfun.com

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