♫♪  Wise Blood - “Rome (feat. The Moon Baby)”

It’s not hard to label certain pieces of music as “Hangover Medicine.” What’s harder is mustering up the conviction to write while hungover. But Wise Blood makes it easy. Actually, the Pittsburghian has been making these easy on me since 2010, when he dropped the classic: `​+​`, which is still being BLARED in my apartment. Thus “Rome (feat. The Moon Baby)” fits right into my mentality right now. Stirring a horny vibe while helping anyone come-down off their MK Ultra: Hangover Edition, Wise Blood continues his production antics featuring a familiar face within Wise Blood’s time-line, while still blending the lines between producer and song-writer. It’s actually really fucked that I found out Wise Blood was a singer — thinking `​+​` was purely sample-based — yet, he’s still blending the lines of lyrical and sampled content by featuring the likes of The Moon Baby. Although, I’m still pretty sure Wise Blood is fronting some singing in “Rome (feat. The Moon Baby).” Either way, Pittsburgh label HOKO Sounds’s owner, Clay Colonna made an insane web-art piece of work for the Wise Blood and The Moon Baby single, and y’all gotta go scope it.

“Rome (feat. The Moon Baby)” is the first track off Wise Blood’s newest HOKO Sounds EP entitled Weird Hack, so head on over to hear the single at Clay’s website for the single and keep an eye out for the full-throttle release in 2016!

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