♫♪  Wished Bone - Cellar Belly

Photo: Joshua Cobos

Slow afternoons tick by, endless hour by endless hour. Fuzzy melodies float into your bedroom, hazy and far away. Ceiling fan blades blow the blinds on your window back and forth, letting the sun in; it spills across your walls in flickering bands of light. The nightstand still bears the scars of where candle wax melted and pooled onto it so many nights ago. Minutes are punctuated by the steady drip from the bathroom faucet. Outside the window, cars pass by, speeding down the road, all going somewhere.

Weeks pass slower now; measure them in cups of tea grown cold, in calls you keep meaning to return, in songs played over and over again in loops until the words lose their meaning. A quiet frenzy builds within your apartment walls but stops just short of bursting out. Waiting becomes a new way of life; waiting for night to fall, waiting for the sun to come up again, for seasons to end and begin, for things to change. Waiting won’t make anything change though. Dust off your diary and re-read all the promises you made to yourself when the year was still new. Summer isn’t too late to start over. The air hangs heavy but it is a burden that you are still strong enough to carry; shrug it off your shoulders when you are ready. Draw back the blinds and face the sunlight. Remind yourself how to walk forward again. Listen to wind rustle through the pine needles, it is urging you on, ever forward, there to remind you to keep going; you will get there soon enough.

Cellar Belly is the first full-length album from Wished Bone and is available on cassette through Human Noise Records.

Have a listen for yourself here:

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