♫♪  yeule - “ENDING”

It’s 47° outside. Totally damp. My car smelled heavy of reefer from the night before. Heartburn like a motherfucker. Hung over just enough. Struggling because Yoncé still in this mouth like liquor. But I can’t. Not even Rick can help jack me up. So I pop on “ENDING” by yeule and fade all the fucked in perfection of aura.

“ENDING” is just the supreme balance of vibration and serenity. Lofty in an ethereal way. Glaring as a bright light that must be stared at. Vocal chops like carefully stacking glasses next to each other on a shelf; chimes happen at random and ring for merely a moment. All this and I’m still in my whip, slinging around cars, drafting them trucks, and majorly getting my angry morning commute on, but it’s melting in yeule melody. So, I take it down a notch. I smile more. I become apart of “ENDING” and share a sound pillow with yeule.

Listen to yeule’s first single “ENDING” below off her self-titled release on ZOOM LENS coming out April 8:

• yeule: http://yeule.tumblr.com
• ZOOM LENS: http://zoom-lens.org

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