♫♪  Yokosawa Shunichiro - “High:Low”

Since moving to Tokyo in 2015, singer-songwriter Yokosawa Shunichiro has quietly perfected the art of the SoundCloud single, preserving the site’s understated weirdness even as it has eventually become synonymous with ad-libs and RONNYJ beats.

His lo-fi output — like that of his local peers — is uploaded in sporadic bursts, always accompanied by melted-bead artwork of a bored-looking cat. Track titles are often as cryptic as “誰にもわからないデモ” — ”Demo that no one knows”. But when your ear for dreamy, Spectorian psychedelia is as developed as Yokosawa’s is, there’s little need for context.

Recorded on a laptop and released domestically in 2018, Yokosawa’s debut album, Haiji, is slated for an American reissue August 23 via Day to Day Records. Haiji also happens to be the Portland label’s inaugural release, establishing its mission to represent the DIY movement as an international phenomenon.

“High:Low,” our second peek at the record, crams twinkly keyboards, hefty bass, and Spotify-core guitar twang into a snug six-minute jam — a musical sunset to backdrop your next marshmallow roast. Let the twee summertime vibes abound.

Pre-order Day to Day’s vinyl repress of Haiji, which includes a bilingual lyrics sheet, here.

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