Yoshino Yoshikawa
“Yumetatsu Glider” (MEISHI SMILE Remix)

Transitioning Yoshino Yoshikawa’s peaceful and poppy light piano and beat flaring vibe of Yumetatsu Glider EP would definitely present a challenge to anyone prepared to hinder that world. However, deep Japanese fetishist Meishi Smile — you know, the fellah who makes Anime OST — has not only stripped the Yumetatsu Glider universe created via wind and sound and plain, but Meishi bathes in transition glory by bringing his world into the title track “Yumetatsu Glider.” Almost as if Meishi Smile is some sort of hack program, he infiltrates all sorts of singles, movies, commercials, and movie scores just to make it more than his own within musical mise-en-scène. This is a notion of pure musical critique and terrorism.

But sharing this world, this love of all music, is the pleasant nature here in “Yumetatsu Glider” (MEISHI SMILE Remix). Or it’s like gripping the entire 2014 collection of Hood By Air. Either way, Meishi Smile got a boat load in the mix right now ready to drop any day. Other than that, I’m sure you already have plans of gripping Yoshino Yoshikawa’s new Yumetatsu Glider EP off ZOOM/LENS tomorrow. SCRILL!

• Yoshino Yoshikawa: http://yosshibox.com
• Meishi Smile: http://meishismile.bandcamp.com
• ZOOM/LENS: http://zoom-lens.org

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