♫♪  Zulu P - Taking Over The World Mixtape

For the longest time, my main mission as a music cultivator (personally) has been downloading and saving all these one-off mixes being made by rappers, producers, radio hosts, djs, etc. Taking Over The World Mixtape by Zulu P just crushed that folder in my hard drive for MOST PLAYED. Not only is the production by Dutty Artz, Tropkillaz, Lotic, and Matt Shadetek (executive production by Representing NYC’s Fred Alpdog and Diamond Terrifier) an outstanding display of sound from beat to atmospheric engagement, but the showcase by Zulu P’s frontman, Marley G, just MC’s the shit outta Taking Over The World Mixtape. Tropes are shattered, rhythms are flipped inside-out, and flows become an operation that’s just curbing the cusp of appealing, yet slightly held back for the real deal. REAL DEAL in sweaty preparation for Zulu P’s debut album on Astro Nautico in 2016, Taking Over The World Mixtape is an all-original mix of talent in a fluid and transitionally organized 23-ish minutes that seem like it’s never ending. In honor of both Taking Over The World Mixtape and the new Zulu P album, Astro Nautico is throwing a mixtape release party this coming Friday at Ridgewood’s premiere, Trans-Pecos starting at 10PM. Grip tickets here and FLEX! While the week progresses, enjoy Zulu P’s Taking Over The World Mixtape in some incredible modern production and historically lyrical and vocal re-signified admiration. BLESS UP!

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