♫♪  A$AP Rocky - “Purple Kisses”

DON’T WATCH THIS ONE AT WORK! Not only are there bare butts, but also plenty of boobs and doobs. So if you’re on break at the local law firm/Thai restaurant/dog groomery, consider yourself warned. All disclaimers aside, with his new, controversial “Purple Kisses” clip (it’s been removed from YouTube once before, though it appears to be back up), A$AP continues to push the boundaries of rap vids by taking us on an unprecedentedly trippy, hedonistic journey fueled by all the substances you were told to stay away from in sixth grade health class. There’s a part where A$AP takes out some jolly ranchers, and you wonder if things are going to be G-rated. But nope, it’s just another ingredient in the sizzurp-du-jour (On a related note, why didn’t he opt for the blue-raspberry flavor, which is clearly superior? Never mind.) Between the kaleidoscopic shots of derrieres and the slow-motion, drugged canoodling going on in the hot tub, this isn’t just downright decadent: it’s rap’s equivalent to “The Picture of Dorian Gray.”

“Purple Kisses” is off the upcoming A$AP Mob mixtape, Lord$ Never Worry, slated for release 8/28 on livemixtapes.com.

• A$AP Rocky: http://www.asapmob.com

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