♫♪  Abdu Ali - “Mad Ambrosia”


“Mad Ambrosia” is pissed! Channeling his earthly frustrations through a virtual storm of saturated, Post-Yeezus synth distortion while he wriggles his way through a matrix of shapeshifting etherchromes lined with flossy technicolor ectoplasms (courtesy of video artist Helen Jackson-Adams and cinematographer Corey Hughes), Ambrosia throws his head back in abandon, half-overwhelmed and half-exulted, lightnight bolt synth crackin’ thru his fuckin’ mind and out into the network. So Ambrosia, y u mad? [Editor’s note: OH, DAMN! oh, snap?]

“Three shots in the head/ I ain’t dead/ Instead/ I was fed/ Red wine and coco bread.”

Trauma. Pacification. A cycle of hope and doubt. Abdu Ali, the Baltimore-based rapper/performance artist/scene figurehead behind all this madness, has this to say about his incarnation as Ambrosia:

“mad ambrosia; a furious feral fucka, who’s blessed to be a blessing to humanity,by provoking visions in the visionless, a voice in the voiceless, and giving weight to the weightless. ambrosia can not be mad too though. in this song, ambrosia is very frustrated and fed up and almost at a quits, yet ambrosia finds the fire to keep blazing, like weezy f bb. ambrosia will be young money. no ambrosia will be bby money. trust and believe.”

Bless up. Stream and download PUSH + SLAY, the mixtape to which “Mad Ambrosia” belongs, here, and look for new ish from Abdu Ali on the not-so-far horizon.

• Abdu Ali: https://soundcloud.com/abduali

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