♫♪  Alameda 4 - “Homunkulus”

Like many Polish metal acts, some experimental bands from the Appleland seem to have a wider recognition abroad than in their home country. The Bydgoszcz based group Alameda 3 (now “reformed” under the name Alameda 4 to reflect upon the fact that the group has four members now) may very well be on the same track. With the video for “Humunkulus”, created by Magdalena Syboń, the band teases the listeners with their mind-expanding vision of dark, synth-fueled psychedelia. Hell, the band’s Bandcamp page description is like a psychedelic maniac’s wettest dream, with terms like “drone-ambient”, “krautrock trance”, “japanese noise-psychedelia” and “rock in opposition” being thrown around to concoct some sort of a lysergic monster. “Humunkulus” stays on the more droney side of the mirror, packing the 3-minute track with wailing synths a’la Acid Mothers Temple, tape loops playing back and forth and a healthy wash of white noise to cleanse our minds. Suddenly, the term “magical brutalism”, coined by group leader Kuba Ziołek and used by him to describe many of his projects, makes perfect sense. “Humunkulus” is violently soothing, as strange as it may sound.

• Alameda on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/alamedatrio
• Instant Classic on Bandcamp: http://instantclassic.bandcamp.com

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