Alpoko Don

Alpoko Don’s music is so raw, one can only write about it without pretension — a tall order for me, but here goes:

I come from a non-religious family. Mom’s a non-practicing Methodist (agnostic). Dad’s a non-practicing Jew (atheist). I’ve never been to a church or temple service other than weddings and funerals. Culturally, I identify with my father, meaning I’ve inherited his neuroticism, penchant for gallows humor, and taste for Gefilte fish. I trust in science before spirituality, though my understanding of both is tenuous at best.

All that being said, if church sounded anything like the video above, I could probably be convinced to go. Hell, I might even throw a buck or two in the collection plate.

Actually, on second thought I’d rather just shell out $7.99 for the MP3s below. Props to Alex at Steady Bloggin’ for putting me on to Alpoko first in February and again just recently.

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