♫♪  Amnesia Scanner - “AS CRUST”

Found excerpted on last years As Angels Rig Hook, Amnesia Scanner dropped “AS CRUST” in single-format along with a new video! Y’all probably remember the “AS CRUST” melody and beat because of how pumped it gets the listening experience of As Angels Rig Hook, but now it’s available for the full taste in whopping “[STONE-COLD]” (3:16) time-limit. If you managed to survive the recent video collaboration Amnesia Scanner did with Bill Kouligas, LEXACHAST — especially if you enjoyed it — get ready for the next level. I have NO information on the Amnesia Scanner future depths, but I’ve a hunch that “AS CRUST” is the stir of something HUGE, so prepare for satisfaction in the coming months. Not like the promises of this year haven’t been enough so far in February, considering Elysia Campton signed to Break World Records (among a plethora of other news), I’m thinking 2016 might be just as important for music as 2015. Feel the improvement of this year already with “AS CRUST” by Amnesia Scanner, and use Offliberty rip it digitally and bounce it in the whip until them speakers fry!

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