♫♪  Amnesia Scanner - “AS Too Wrong”

Many things in life can be informed by quotes from The Simpsons. In one of Homer’s unlikeliest of Zen proverbs, he tells Bart at an auto racetrack that “a watched car never crashes.” Of course, that’s exactly what happens the moment he takes his eyes from the track.

True to the bald patriarch, Amnesia Scanner’s latest video, the PWR Studio-directed clip for “AS Too Wrong,” takes this to the extreme. Inexplicably, a car rotates around and around, but fails to bite the dust, as if the world were placed in a perpetual anticipatory loop, expanding those few seconds before rubber twists and ultimately gnarls before connecting with grey, hard concrete. Is it trickery of motion graphics or something much more sinister? Judge for yourself above.

But first, the particulars. “AS Too Wrong” is the third single to surface ahead of Amnesia Scanner’s forthcoming album Another Life, available September 7 on Berlin label PAN.

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