♫♪  Andrew Pekler - “Replayed” [excerpt]

Andrew Pekler released one of our favorite albums last year with Cover Versions, and now, out of seemingly nowhere, we just got word that he has quietly released its follow-up, The Prepaid Piano and Re-Played. Sidestepping the acoustic vs. digital binary, Pekler complicates “the piano” even further, exploring its transformative possibilities by first placing vibrating cellphones on the piano’s strings and running it through contact microphones and a synthesizer, and then later converting the performance itself into MIDI using Ableton. It’s wild. Read more about it at Taylor Peters’s news story, and check out an excerpt of the MIDI conversion above.

The Prepaid Piano and Re-Played is out now on Senufo Editions and Entr’acte. And hey, if you want more info on acoustic vs. digital pianos, scope the infographic below via Coach House Pianos below. Hopefully it’ll be updated soon with info on the Prepaid and Re-Played Pianos.

• Andrew Pekler: http://andrewpekler.blogspot.com
• Entr’acte: http://entracte.co.uk/home
• Senufo Editions: http://www.senufoeditions.com

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