♫♪  Angels USA - “Vh1 Drunk” [preview]

Just saying, [Miami] Angels USA [in America] is the modern embodiment of rock ‘n’ roll. Not saying they’re the only, but they get theirs. Maybe they’re Americans self-cast into Germany/Euro-zones. Maybe their Twitter page is a constant reminder of how they live a life you don’t. And now the Eye-talons got ‘em at Hundebiss Records way hard. I’m hoping the VH1 Drunk cassette is pure misery. If there’s one thing I like in art, it’s world-building. [Miami] Angels USA [in America] is great about establishing grounds for their world and then completely stripping it to splinters. SPLINTERS!

You want pop music? Okay. But here is some straight crust. Also, looks like Hundebiss Records got a few other goodies not usually found by the human eye. Scope out the site and the new cassette. You’ll wet yourself with something and then let it dry. #tears #urine #buttgew #dickgew #vaggew #snot

• Angels in America: http://twitter.com/#!/miamiangels2012
• Hundebiss Records: http://hundebissrecords.bigcartel.com

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