♫♪  Anna Meredith - “Orlok”

Some music is so cinematic. So vivvviiid. So instrumentally explicit that it doesn’t beg for any sort of visual accompaniment. Anna Meredith’s music is like this, but she made a music video anyway. “Orlok,” the first single off Meredith’s newest EP Jet Black Raider, is a dark and busy piece that is brought to life in the form of frantic pipe-cleaner creatures, pompom people, and spork folk who look like they are all trapped in some kindergarten arts-and-craft activity gone terribly terribly wrong.

For a limited time, you can listen to all of Jet Black Raider on SoundCloud for more kinda cute, kinda scary compositions from Anna Meredith.

• Anna Meredith: http://annameredith.com
• Moshi Moshi Records: http://moshimoshimusic.com

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